OCT 28 • 7 AM - 1 PM

The 2023 community yard sale will be hosted at several locations across Searcy.


1201 E. RACE


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Through a partnership with community members and local churches, a community garage sale event will provide funds to assist in paying legal fees and fines for community members.

Applicants will complete the application, engage in meals with community members, and staff the event to be eligible to receive a stewardship award. Community members will donate items and form connections with applicants by sharing meals and staffing the garage sale with the applicants.


  • Legal Fees and Fines inhibit our neighbor’s ability to maintain employment and puts them in a difficult financial position.
  • According to the 100 Families organization, because of families not being able to pay on their legal fees and fines, 56% of parents that have partnered with 100 Families have a suspended driving license. This limits the ability to earn an income and make payments on outstanding legal debts.


Donate Yard Sale Items

Donations may be dropped off at supporting churches:

Oct 11 - 13 • Trinity Baptist Church

Oct 14 - 17First Assembly of God 

Oct 18 - 21Fellowship Bible Church

Oct 17 - 24 • Downtown Church of Christ
(Bus Garage on North side of campus)

Need To Donate Items NOW?

Volunteer at the Yard Sale

If you would like to volunteer to help staff the event click below.

Shop at the Yard Sale

Funds raised will assist our White County neighbors in need of court fee and suspended license relief.

Who Is Involved?

Churches & Community Members:

  • Donate clothing and other household items
  • Host meals with applicants
  • Help to organize and staff the garage sale
  • Donate to help serve those in need

As part of the stewardship award process applicants will:

  • Complete the application form
  • Share three meals with a small group or family in the community
  • Assist in organizing and staffing the event

See You There!

Where: Downtown Church on the corner of Main St. & Moore Ave, 1201 E Race St. & 300 River Oaks Blvd.

When: October 28th, 7am - 1pm

Questions? Contact Kyle Thompson at kwthompson@harding.edu